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Marketing: it's more than advertising

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It's strategy, branding, product development, distribution and promotion…

but most importantly, it's integrated

None of the components work well without the other

Marketing should be continuous

Almost everything a company does is marketing in one form or another







Beaverton, OR or wherever needed!



Whenever needed!


Matt Foster is a 20+ year shooting sports industry professional, obsessed with marketing, shooting and hunting.  Experience includes management of all facets of marketing at Gerber, Warne Scope Mounts, Marlin Firearms, and Safariland Firearms Accessories (Break-Free, B-Square, KleenBore and SpeedFeed).

Eric Ludlum is an industrial designer by education and a creative genius by nature.  A web design guru, Eric specializes in developing web site structures with superior user interface and ease of use.  A founding partner of, Eric's entire career has been directly related to design, website development and innovative marketing.  Have also grown up in the gun culture, Eric understands the markets wants and needs as it relates to design and website development.

Eric grew up in Oregon, has lived in New York, Vienna, Shanghai and currently is back in his home town of Portland OR.